TV Show

WSMS got its 5 minutes of TV exposure last night on the Quest Red channel. Back in March this year we were approached by ITV with a view to the filming of a mediation session between Katie Price and her husband, and father of two of her children, Kieran Hayler. This was to form part of her ‘Katie Price – My Crazy Life’ series. The two are going through a divorce. Our family mediators, Robert and Heather, agreed to facilitate such a session and allowed it to be filmed. It took place at our offices in Park House, Horsham. The mediation session, which was actually a full 1 hour session but edited heavily for screen, was to discuss child arrangements. A signed agreement came out of the negotiations.

The mediation clip, from the 1 hour episode, can be viewed here:  It is taken from The Mirror online, so they have added their flavour to it to spice the article up. We believe that our mediators did a great job. The follow on in the programme, covering the issue of haircuts, showed that a sensible conversation through mediation led to a very positive outcome and a ‘win/win’ for all concerned.

If you have any questions about mediation please feel free to contact us for free phone advice. 0300 200 0025.