Noise Action Week

Cutting the cost of Noise to Neighbourhoods – Noise Action Week (22nd to 27th May)

By raising awareness of noise problems and solutions during Noise Action Week, WSMS are helping cut the cost of noise to our health and wellbeing, and the services frequently called on to sort out noise problems.

In the last year we received 52 referrals about noise nuisance – everything from DIY to a noisy boiler, barking dogs, loud music and loud TV.

During Noise Action we will be promoting the use of mediation to help resolve neighbour conflicts caused by noise issues. Mediation is a very useful tool to have in the ‘toolbox’. It aids communication and helps bring about lasting resolutions that are decided upon by those involved, not by the mediators. WSMS uses volunteer community mediators who give up their free time for the good of their local communities.

Local councils receive more complaints about noise every year than anything else. The most recently published government research showed:

  • the number of people bothered by neighbour noise rose by 17% 2002 – 2012
  • nearly half the people surveyed said their home life is spoilt by noise to some extent
  • one in five reported their sleep is disturbed by noise.

It’s estimated that investigating noise complaints cost councils between £130 and £7,000 per complaint.  Housing providers, mediation services and the police are also frequently involved in resolving noise disputes – so this represents a huge amount of time and money.  Preventing noise problems is much cheaper than curing them – and better for everyone.

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