Grand Raffle

Our charity is hoping to organise a GRAND RAFFLE this autumn. This will be our first attempt at this type of fundraiser. We recently acquired the relevant Small Society Lotteries licence from our local Council. All we need now is to attract some fantastic prizes, get the tickets printed and then sell them in their hundreds!

If you, as an individual, as a company, or any of your contacts could come up with a suitable prize we would love to hear from you. Two or three ‘headline’ prizes would be fantatsic. We will ensure that any supporters are adequately recognised at the time via our various media channels and subsequently in our Annual Report. Once we have the Raffle organised, we will be looking for volunteers to sell the tickets for us. Please let us know if you can help with that task.

We have very limited fundraising resources at WSMS. We don’t have the luxury of a team of fundraisers like many other good causes. Fundraising during the pandemic has added it own challenges. We are currently anticipating gaps in our budget in the current financial year. We do some important wok in our local communities.