Compulsory Mediation

The Government have just published a blueprint for major reforms to the civil justice system which seeks to save people the cost, time and stress of lengthy courtroom battles. It would mean that Mediation would become compulsory, for small claims of up to £10k, such as disputes over goods and services. People would be referred automatically to a free hour-long telephone session with a professional mediator provided by HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) before their case could be progressed to a hearing. If this system were to be adopted we would seek to join the panel of mediators providing this service. This is something that we will be exploring shortly.

It would release vital court time and could help over a quarter of a million people through a free mediation service.

Here is a link to the Ministry of Justice paper. A government call for evidnce found that mediation often offered faster, cheaper and more flexible solutions, but more needs to be done to encourage its use. We would endorse that. Further consultation is being carried out between now and 4th October 2022.