Cat in Tree

Here’s a feelgood factor story that perfectly proves the ‘Magic of Mediation’. It ends with a cat being rescued from a tree!

WSMS recently mediated between two neighbours who had fallen out over parking. They both attended a joint mediation meeting held by two of our skilled volunteer mediators. Agreement was reached and both parties reverted back to being on good terms once they heard how each of them felt about the situation. As is often the case, it was all due to misconceptions about how the other party was feeling, together with someone stirring things up between them. All parties even hugged each other at the end.

A few days later one of our mediator bumped into one of the clients at a supermarket. This is what the mediator relayed back to the office: “He was so enthusiastic about the mediation session (even although he originally didn’t hold out much hope) and he was telling me how everything had changed since then. They’re all talking to each other and are positively friendly towards each other. One even went round to borrow a ladder from the other party and they all ended up using it together to rescue a cat from a tree!”

What a lovely outcome and happy ending for the neighbours and puss alike. If you find yourself in a dispute with an individual, group or organisation, do consider mediation. Give us a call to discuss your situation in confidence. Remember that most of our services are free at the point of delivery. What have you got to lose?