Workplace Mediation

WSMS is able to provide skilled mediators for conflicts within a workplace. Our pricing for this service is extremely competitive. We often assign two mediators to a case, at no extra cost to the client. We are happy to offer advice and guidance on the subject of workplace conflicts. The strapline on our workplace leaflet is ‘Good for people. Good for business.’

Issues that can be resolved through mediation include – bullying, harassment, discrimination, disagreement, personality clashes, management issues, return to work, co-worker disputes and diversity/equality.

The benefits of using our service include – cost effective (competitive rates), independent, impartial, confidential, early resolution and empowers the individuals concerned.

Here is a recent testimonial from an employer following a successful recent case in Chichester – “It was lovely to meet you (mediators) on Friday and thank you for your support. I have received feedback from both parties, both of whom found the day to be extremely successful.”

Click Here to view our Workplace leaflet or on the image below.