Small Charity Week

This week (18th to 23rd June 2018) is Small Charity Week. Click here to find out more.  It is devoted to raising the profile of small charities, like ourselves.

There are different activities taking place each day, all of which are coordinated by the FSI

There are many ways that you could support a small charity like ours. We can allude to them, if you would like to get in touch. It could involve volunteering in a variety of roles or offering specific skills on a pro bono basis, being an ambassador and more.

Check out this article, which mentions a survey which highlights how independent research reveals that when tackling social issues like homelessness, domestic abuse or mental ill health, smaller charities have a distinctive impact. The research highlights the significant challenges facing smaller charities despite their clear benefits for people and communities. There is a critical mismatch between what smaller charities do and the people they help – which public bodies should find attractive – and how public bodies actually fund, commission and contract services and measure value, which instead favours larger providers. As a result 84% of local government funding is actually going to larger charities. it is an interesting read.