Old Pound Coins

Our small charity would be happy to take any old pound coins off your hands. They are no longer legal tender, having been replace by a new style. The can be surrendered at banks but we are happy to save you that hassle! it is believed that there are more than £420m worth of old coins rattling around in coin jars, piggy banks and cars.

The Royal Mint is striking 1.5 billion new 12-sided £1 coins, which were introduced to help crack down on counterfeiting. The Mint has claimed the new £1 is the “most secure coin in the world”, replacing the previous £1 coin, of which about one in 40 are thought to be fake. The new coin has a string of anti-counterfeiting details, including material inside the coin itself which can be detected when electronically scanned by coin-counting or payment machines. Other security measures include an image that works like a hologram, and micro-sized lettering inside both rims.

They are not something you would want to post to us but perhaps we could arrange the collection of a good number of coins, via our volunteer network around the county. They can also be dropped off at our offices at Park House, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RN. I am sure all the big charities are taking advantage of this situation. Any amount of money can make a big differebce to a small charity kike owes, however.