Not all about money!

We were recently asked to write an article entitled, ‘It’s not all about money’ for a future corporate magazine.  It relates to how businesses could help us without having to dip in their pockets, directly. This is what we came up with and thought that we would share it via this medium:

Q. Do you have meeting rooms or training/conference facilities that could be made available when not in use, such as evenings or week-ends?

Why? – because our charity currently spends up to £3,000 a year hiring meeting rooms for mediations, training sessions and workshop.

Q. Might you have an ‘excess’ supply of copy paper, office stationery or furniture?

Why? – because we spend over £2,000 on office supplies, despite seeking out the cheapest we can fine.

Q. Could you offer a raffle prize, experience, or ‘thank you’ reward for hard working volunteers?

Why? – we try to fundraise at events and also like to recognise our volunteers’ good work.

Q. Do you need an excuse or the motivation to dress up in silly outfits, get physically active, or do something exciting in aid of a good cause?

Why? – because we are kind and can provide that excuse!

Q. Could we exchange our skills/knowledge in a non-monetary contra deal?

Why? – that’s a win/win for both of us.

Q. Would you like to enhance your CV or skillset by becoming a Trustee?

Why? – because we have vacancies for good people for our board of trustees.

Q. Could you offer legal/compliance advise/expertise?

Why? – we like to stay the correct side of the law!

Q. Could you save us money on things that we routinely purchase or subscribe to?

Why? – we hope you like a challenge because we hate parting with our money and often

have suppliers make a sigh when they hear our current pricing or budget!

Q. Could you help raise our profile using your own networks, social media influence or customer base?

Why? – because the mantra we keep hearing is ‘we have never heard of you’.