Mediation Awareness Week (MAW) is fast approaching. It falls between 14th and 20th October and is organised by the Mediation Awareness Group and supported by all of the leading professional mediation bodies in the UK.

MAW is all about:

  • Explaining how mediation is used to resolve disputes and conflict of all kinds
  • Demonstrating how mediation provides a quicker, cheaper and more effective alternative to litigation and
  • Showing how use of mediation benefits businesses, communities and individuals.

WSMS is happy to be supporting this event. We have distributed a Press Release to local media, which we hope will bring about some publicity. We have also distributed printed material to our local Council, Libraries, etc. If you wish to find out more about mediation in general, or the services we provide, feel free to call the office, under no obligation. All our staff are experienced mediators in their own right. WSMS has been in the business of mediating since 2000.