Lockdown Woes

Perhaps the title should be lockdown wars, but we are not one to sensationalise things. A recent article in the Daily Mail highlighted the rise in warring neighbours using the pandemic to have a pop at each other.

Police have asked the public to stop exploiting the pandemic to settle feuds by making calls which are related to ‘ongoing neighbour disputes and nothing to do with Covid-19’.

Police in Manchester reported more than 1,000 calls about barbecues and parties over the Easter bank holiday weekend – but officers said many of these were merely over-zealous and not attempts to misinform the force.

Some Britons have instead vented online about their neighbours, with one writing on Mumsnet about a group who ‘keep inviting their friends over even though we’re in lockdown.’

Here is a link to the full article.

We would encourage neighbours to attempt direct communication when there are issues. That should always be done in a non confrontational way. If that doesn’t work, then do contact a service like ours, to seek advice or make a referral for mediation. WSMS continues to additional services such as Conflict Coaching.