Having your cake and eating it

Here is a story from a mediator friend of ours, who is a registered mediator on the list of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

What is the best way to end the mediation? With a cake!

by Tereza Hanajová

The last phase of the mediation is usually the nicest one. The atmosphere is hopefully pleasant and friendly, full of understanding and satisfaction from the resolution found.

The whole mediation is closed by the final step – which, whilst not being legally binding, is symbolic. Clients sign the mediation agreement and shake hands. All mediators love this moment since it is a real validation of their work, well done.

But I will remember one ‘ending moment‘ of a mediation even more. I mediated a complicated workplace dispute with many parties included. We agreed to mediate for the whole day and after challenging eight hours, my clients were all satisfied with the agreement. In that moment, one of the ladies involved left the room and came back with a huge chocolate cake. ”We have a lot to celebrate”, she said. And so we did.

It is one of my favourite mediation experiences. And many of my mediation colleagues share very similar stories –  but instead of the cake, the main role was played, for example, by some very old alcohol! Isn’t it nice to celebrate the mediation success majestically?

The only question that remains, in times of a pandemic – how to share a cake online?