Covid-19 Virus

The Coronavirus currently seems to be affecting all our lives, in some way or other. It may just be that you can’t find toilet rolls or hand sanitiser in the shops, for love or money. For a few,it has become much more serious than that. Countries such as Italy and Iran have been affected much more than the UK (currently) but who knows what the future holds. At WSMS we are following Government/NHS advice and taking sensible precautions. Currently it is ‘business as usual’. If the official advice changes, we will react in a timely fashion. We are carrying out our mediation work, as normal.

Contingency plans are being drawn up to allow for home working and possibly conference call mediating. We have cloud based systems that allow us to work from anywhere in the world and phone lines can be diverted to mobiles. We also have a duty of care in respect of all our fine volunteers. If they choose to withdraw their services for a period of time, we will respect that. A number of them will fall into the higher risk category, by reason of age. We will be carrying out more, in depth, risk assessment for any face to face interaction with our clients, whether that be on home visits or at joint mediation meetings.

We hope that you all remain fit and healthy. You are welcome to contact us, at any time if you have any concerns or queries. See our Special Newsletter here.