Council Disputes

Most of you will have seen the video clip of the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting which made Jackie Weaver famous overnight and made us all chuckle with a few phrases, “You have no authority at all Jackie Weaver. No authority at all” and  “She’s kicked him out, she’s kicked him out!” and finally the very assertive comment, “No you can’t, the Vice Chair’s here, and I take charge! Read the standing orders. Read them and understand them!”

Perhaps not surprisingly, West Sussex Mediation has been involved in a number of Mediations involving Parish Councils over the years. In fact, we have very recently completed two very successful cases involving Elected Members of Councils and staff. Those clients will of course remain anonymous. The Surrey & Sussex Association of Local Council (SSALC) is a keen supporter of mediation and our organisation and has signposted a number of Councils to us.

Social Media, worldwide, took great interest in the Handforth Parish Council meeting. Apparently there is even merchandise you can buy! Hopefully a mediator has been called in. I don’t think that was Jackie’s official role, as such.

If your organisation/committee/group operates within West Sussex and has disputes/communication issues, then why not give us a call for advice. We have some very skilled Workplace Mediators who could improve working relationships. Our fees are always competitive. income from such work helps our charity survive.