Conflict at work

An interesting report has recently been published by ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) following analysis by two Professors. Reference was made in it to a 2019 study by the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Professional Development).

The headline is – Workplace conflicts cost employers £28.5bn a year. Another shocking figure is the number of people who resign each year from their job, due to a dispute at work = nearly half a million! In addition, 874,000 employees annually took sickness absences as a result of conflict at work, costing organisations around £2.2bn.

While more than a third (35 per cent) of respondents in the CIPD survey had experienced either an isolated dispute or incident of conflict or an ongoing difficult relationship over the time period, just 5 per cent had taken part in some form of workplace mediation. That is sad for us to see, knowing the benefits of mediation. Of those who did go through mediation, nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) said their conflict was fully or largely resolved. In our case, we think we could present a higher figure than that.

The report clearly states the cost effectiveness of workplace mediation. Workplace Mediation costs £0.14bn a year, in comparison to £12.8bn for formal procedures and a massive £28.5bn for litigation, including management time, legal representation and compensation payments.

If you are an employer, you might like to read the full report.

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