Clogged Courts

Below is a Press Release that we did today on the subject of or clogged up Court system, due to the pandemic (and probably other considerations).

“One area where the Covid-19 pandemic is still having a big impact is the Court system, including the family courts, where there is a huge backlog in cases.

The Economist magazine recently reported that it now takes an average of 40 weeks to resolve a private dispute involving children. The court service estimates the backlog will mean that it will take until 2023 for it to return to normal levels, leaving families in limbo for years to come. The consequence is that professionals in the field of family law are strongly recommending the use of mediation as an alterative form of dispute resolution, known as ADR. This route can save divorcing couples time and expense as well as reducing the stress of the situation.

One local charity, West Sussex Mediation Service (WSMS), earns vital income from Family Mediation work and can help couples, who are separating or divorcing, to unravel their finances or put formal child arrangements in place. Such earnings are then ploughed back into the charity to help maintain its free services in the community. Their fully qualified Family Mediators are experienced in aiding couples make informed decisions and currently have good capacity to move things forward in a timely fashion.

In a recent One Poll survey commissioned by Irwin Mitchell LLP, 25% of those surveyed wished they had used mediation instead of using the court route. However, 39% had not been aware of ADR as an alternative, at the time of their divorce.”

The charity is happy to give free advice over the phone on any form of mediation. They can be contacted on 0300 200 0025 or email